GTDB – Step #4 – Use the Power of Emotional Ownership to Get More Stuff Done

Truly OWN the stuff you are working on
✓ Ie., it’s not just a job / it is not trivial / you are not just a cog in the machine
✓ This is important because it REFLECTS YOU

Let Personal pride push your personal effectiveness upward and out
✓ What does your work say about you?
✓ What does your work reveal about your values?
✓ What does work say about your destiny as an individual?
✓ What does your performance say about your impact on your world

Pride gives you the power of EMOTIONAL OWNERSHIP
✓ This is not just small stuff
✓ You’re not just going through the motions
✓ This is PERSONAL / this is YOU

Work to produce the highest quality
Work to produce more
✓ Work to become more efficient

Connect the dots

✓ Use previous work as templates

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