GYEB- 2) Even If I Do My Best, In The End It Wouldn’t Matter

When you constantly compare yourself to other people, don’t be surprised if you come out looking like a loser most of the time. This happens quite a bit. Why? You compare all the best things they have going for themselves with the worst things in your life. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be comparing.
If you feel that you’re in any way lacking or inadequate in a certain part of your life, you wouldn’t be comparing that part of yourself with other people. There would not be any need to.
This is why it’s a bad idea to think of ultimate outcomes in terms of comparison. Instead, you should run a race with yourself. You should ask yourself, “Did I try hard enough? Did I believe in something
badly enough to get off my ass and make something out of myself?”
Those are the things that you should be asking instead of constantly comparing yourself to others. If you keep comparing yourself to others, then most things that you do wouldn’t matter because you always come out on the losing end.

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