GYEB – 3) Since No One Can Guarantee Success, Why Should I Bother

Part of what makes life fun and exciting is the fact that there are no guaranteed outcomes. There is no assurance of victory. If everything was guaranteed and success was dished out on a silver tray to anybody who showed up, there would be no point to life. There wouldn’t be life at all as we currently define it.
What gives life value, excitement, and beauty is the fact that there is nothing you can take for granted.
Everything is up in the air. Everything is up for negotiation and everything can unfold at any time.
That’s why when you think that you should be guaranteed success for you to try, you’re just fooling yourself.
It doesn’t make any logical sense: if life success can be guaranteed, then it wouldn’t matter whether you
tried or not. It will be delivered to you anyway. You see how this ‘logic’ works? Stop giving yourself
this excuse for failure and mediocrity

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