GYEB – 5) I Will Become A Person I Hate If I Become Successful

A lot of people are under the impression that they have to cheat for them to become rich. Many of them believe the poisonous idea that they have to somehow become perverted or degraded for them to achieve victory in their lives. These people have a very dismal view of victory. They think that
becoming rich, powerful, and respected, all involve dirty tricks.
A lot of these people are under the impression that there’s only so much wealth in the world and all of this is basically inherited or pass from one generation to the other. If you were to disturb this process or come up with something new, it’s because you somehow someway cheated. Well, not so fast.
When you look at most of today’s billionaires, the vast majority of them are self-made. Most of them came up with companies that produce solutions that didn’t exist before. They earned their money. To think that you will somehow have to become somebody worse so you can become successful is really giving the whole idea of success a black eye. Because if you think that way then you automatically cast a negative light on everybody else was able to achieve natural success.
I’m talking about people who didn’t cheat their way to the top. They didn’t hurt other people to get what they wanted. Please understand that you can remain true to yourself even if you achieve success. In fact, if you develop integrity and make it your life’s focus, this makes success all the more probable.
You have to understand, when given a choice, most people would rather do business with somebody who they know will stick to their word. They would rather do business with people they know that would act with a tremendous sense of integrity. These are individuals who believe that their word is their bond.
You don’t have to become an evil person to become wealthy. You don’t have to become a person that you would grow to hate just because you have become successful. To continue to believe this excuse is
really a form of self-robbery. You’re robbing yourself of time because you can start to invest time and effort in achieving success that highlights your best values and your true character

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