GYEB – 7) I Have To Give Up So Much To Achieve Success

Achieving any kind of success requires sacrifice. Ultimately, it boils down to a key question, “What am I going to have to give up to achieve the kind of life I want for myself?” This is not an option. You will have to give up something. You may be thinking that you’re just giving up time. Well, think again.
Time is actually the most important and expensive asset you will ever get to own. Why do you think you even have a job in the first place? That’s because your boss is buying your time. Obviously, he cannot scale up his time, so he has to buy the time of other people. That’s how employment works.

People trade their time for money. We understand that if you are looking to achieve big things with your life, you have to at the bare minimum sacrifice time. Are you willing to do that? Now to correctly answer this question, you have to think about the situation like an investor. What kind of return am I getting from my current sacrifice of time? It doesn’t really matter what you do for a living, you’re already sacrificing a plan. That’s a given.

The question that you need to wrap your mind around is whether you are making the right sacrifices. Are you trading in your time for the most optimal results? Maybe If you invested time in that startup idea of yours, you would get a better return. Maybe that’s the way to go. So always look for what you’re getting for what you’re sacrificing.

Always understand that you were already sacrificing. This is not an option. It’s already happening. Instead, focus on the right question. “What am I getting for what I’m putting in? Is this the best that I can do?” If the answer is no then, you can make better sacrifices.

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